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Development of multifunctional structures through
Additive Manufacturing (AM)

With Additive Manufacturing (AM), you can create very unique shapes that cannot be imitated by machining if you have the 3D shape information of the target structure. Utilizing this feature, AM has begun to be used in wide range of fields, such as medical, aviation, and space, and its possibilities will continue to expand in the future.
Among them, our laboratory is making an effort to clarify the microscopic phenomena that occur in the manufacturing process in AM, so that they can be applied to create products (structures) with new added value. In particular, our laboratory not only handles resin and metal, which are currently mainstream in AM, but also challenging ceramics and CFRP manufacturing, or their composite (multi-material) manufacturing. Efforts are being made on the development of an innovative AM process that elucidates the phenomena that occur during the AM process and adds new or diverse functions to the AMed objects themselves.

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