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Machining resistance control and
defect suppression by
laser-assisted machining

When manufacturing a fine structured mold used for optical element molding and the like by ultra-precision cutting, by that principle, defects such as burrs and chips occur from the sub-micrometer to micrometer orders, reducing shape accuracy. In addition, since the impact of defects increases relatively as the target structure becomes smaller, defect suppression is important in order to achieve further refinement and higher precision of products.
Our laboratory proposes a laser-assisted machining method that utilizes localized heating associated with laser irradiation as a machining method to solve this problem. Laser irradiation is a tool that is very effective as a technique for changing the physical properties of the material surface. A process for highly efficient machining of microstructures without defects by changing the local material properties of the chip-generating part is being constructed through the utilization of laser as such a “tool”, and using laser irradiation in the machining process.

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